Using A CNC Milling Machine Operation Basics

Mar 03, 2017

1. When entering the training workshop, to put on overalls, large cuff fastening, theskirt into trousers. Female students to wear a helmet, and the inclusion of hair inside the CAP. Shall not wear sandals, slippers, high heels and wear a scarf, vest, skirtinto the workshop. Note: operation is not allowed to wear gloves machine;

2. Careful not to move or damaged warning signs installed on the machine;

3. Pay attention not to machine is placed around the obstacle, the work space should be large enough;

4. Required for a particular task such as two or more persons jointly completed, attention should be consistent with each other;

5. Does not allow compressed air cleaning machine tools, electric equipment andNC unit;

6. Should be carried out on the specified machine tools and computer practice. Without permission, other machines, tools or electrical switches are not allowed to tamper with;

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