2025 Double Spindle Stone CNC Router

They are not only to engrave and cut on wood ,acrylic ,but also available to engrave the well-bedded arty patterns, texts, characters on adamantine materials such as glass, marble, granite, ceramic tiles, tombstone. The fancy workpieces are widely used on the decoration in family houses, hotels.
Product description

Lingdiao New Product 2025 Double Spindle Stone CNC Router:

Applicable Industries of Stone CNC Router:
Suitable for stone materials, tombstone proessing, artistic relief, advertising & decoration, artware industry, etc. 
Applicable Materials
Marble, granite, blue stone, sand stone, tile, glass, crystal, artificial stone, tombstone, mile stone, jade, etc, also can for the woodworking materials, metal, adveritising materials processing.


Parameter of Lingdiao New Product 2025 Double Spindle Stone CNC Router:




Stone Engraving Machine 1325

X, Y, Z axis working area


Whole structure

Heavy Welded Steel gantry structure

X, Y, Z structure

Taiwan HIWIN Square linear guide rail

Z structure

ball screw, high precision

Repositioning Accuracy


X Y Z working Accuracy

< 0.02mm


3.0kw  Water-cooling spindle

Driving system

Step motor and driver

Operating system

NCstudio control system  


UcancamV8 / Type3 / Artcam software (option)

Product parts:

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Packaging & Shipping:  

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