LD-3015 Quartz Stone Engraving Cutting CNC Router Center

LD-3015 Quartz Stone CNC Router has function of functions of milling, grinding, polishing and sculpting.
Product description

LD-3015 Quartz  Stone Engraving Cutting CNC Router Center


LD-Stone CNC Router Introduction:

1.Specifically designed for the small and medium size shop aiming to perform the largest variety of jobs in the easiest and most seamless manner.

2. Has the functions of milling, grinding, polishing and sculpting. It is especially suitable for producing high-grade basin board and other abnormal products made of stone, ceramic, glass and micro-crystal stone. The machine will automatically finish the processing of any required profile by simple setting.

3.High precision and with good glossiness rate. Furthermore, the machine can also run CNC programs to carry out different kinds of sculpting and mould processing etc.

4.Features a powerful air-cooled electro-spindle specifically designed for outstanding lifetime and efficiency and an automatic tool change magazine with 16 positions. All axes motion is powered by servo motors, high quality guide rail and high-precision rack & pinion with accuracy.

LD-Stone CNC Router Application:

1.Suitable for cabinets artificial stone, quartz stone countertops and sink, tea tray carving,

2.European style edging, and other heterosexual stone, ceramics, glass and ceramic stone drilling, sanding, edge down, carving.

3.2D and 3D applications including kitchen tops, shower plates, tombstones, bas-reliefs, grooving and lettering

LD-Stone CNC Router Feautures:

1) The software:

For UncGraphics.NX3.0, Mastercam9.0 other software, set the CAD / CAM as a whole, through digital analysis, design, the product was processed to support procedural pre / igs / scep / dxf / dwp and other documents.

2) The ATC system:

The automatic system for changing tools is improving the integration all in terms of making holes, cutting, milling, shaping and polishing.

3) The tools and abrasive:

Many kinds of cutting wheels and abrasives (either imported or China domestic) are very easily available from local markets for various processing requirements.

4) High-precision screw and guide:

The ball screw and guide rail are utilized by well-known Germany manufacturers. Unique oil-dip lubrication is applied for X and Y axis. The special water-proof and dirt-proof Structures can ensure better processing accuracy also prolong the life of screws and rails furthest.

LD-Stone CNC Router Parameter:

Machine Model


Working Size


Table Structure

Aluminum T-Slot Table

X Y Axis Transmission

High Precision Rack Gear

Z Axis Transmission

Germany NEFF Ball Screws

X Y Z Guide Rail

Taiwan Imported HIWIN Square Rails

Spindle Power

7.5KW Mechanical constant water cooling spindle

Max.Spindle Speed

24000 RPM/min

Max.Travelling Speed

25000 mm/min

Max. Working Speed

25000 mm/min

Processing Accuracy


Reposition Accuracy


Driving Mode

Powerful Stepper Motor

Command Language


Operation System


Working Voltage


Net Weight/ Gross Weight

3600 KGS/3950KGS

Package Dimension


Spare Parts Picture:







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