1325 3d Stone/marble/granite Engraving Machine

1.Working area:1300*2500mm*300mm 2.3KW Water Cooling Spindle 3.Leadshine 450B Stepper Motor 4.T-Slot Table 5.NCstudio Control System 6.Taiwan 20mm Hiwin square rail 7.Omron Limited Switch 8.Leadshine 860 Driver 9.Automatic oil injection system
Product description

Introduction of  Lingdiao 1325 Stone CNC Router:

Application of Stone CNC Router:

(1)3D engraving, line engraving, cutting, edge inversing, drilling on natural marble, granite, artificial stone, tombstone, milestone, ceramic tiles, glass and so on. 

(2)Stone working: engraving or cutting various marble, granite, bluestone, gritstone, soapstone and etc.

(3)Metal working: nonferrous metals like aluminum, brass and etc.

(4)Glass working: various glass.


Parameter of  Lingdiao 1325 Stone CNC Router:




Stone Engraving Machine 1325

X, Y, Z axis working area


Whole structure

Heavy Welded Steel gantry structure

X, Y, Z structure

Taiwan HIWIN Square linear guide rail

Z structure

ball screw, high precision

Repositioning Accuracy


X Y Z working Accuracy

< 0.02mm


3.0kw  Water-cooling spindle

Driving system

Step motor and driver

Operating system

NCstudio control system  


UcancamV8 / Type3 / Artcam software (option)

Product parts:

327280119D1CB4271201CD3425B24874.jpg DE650BA6ABDEA5B598E2B4E9DE2914A0.jpg


1.jpg 5483332CA5E3B85BA9414384CBF3FDBF.jpg

Packaging & Shipping:


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