1325 3D Sculpture Stone/Granite Engraving Machine Used For Tombstone

1325 3D Sculpture Stone/Granite Engraving Machine Used For Tombstone

1.Adopt Taiwan HIWIN Square rails, double-row four columns slide block, high precision, huge bearing capacity, good moving stability and tools falling accuracy. 2.Whole machine welded with thickness steel tubes, not easy to be deformed, working table backed with steel plate, bearing capacity more than 1 ton. 3.Constant power spindle motor, big cutting intensity and high efficiency. 4.Dust proof and water proof design protects the transmission components. 5.Equipped with water tank and automatic water cooling system.
Product description

1325 3D Sculpture Stone/Granite Engraving Machine Used for Tombstone:

Marble/stone cnc router can engrave on different kinds of stone materials such as natural marbles, granites, tombstones, milestones and so on.

Charactristic of 1325 3D Sculpture Stone/Granite Engraving Machine:

1. Lathe bed: profiled steel welded, minimum distortion, excellent rigidity and vigorous strength.

2. Yaxis Drive: double motors with stable performance

3. Transmission: High precision rack gear. High accuracy, fast speed and strong power.

4.Imported square linear guide rail ensures high accuracy, maximum work load and long service time.

5. Configured with water tank and automatic cooling water supply system.

6.Adopt Taiwan linear guide rail. the bearing of the lead guide rail is face to face, the long time use precision is high.

7.High speed drivers, fast speed and great strength.

8.No dust oiling structure, guarantee the long term running of the mechanical aspect.

9.Break point and break knife continue engraving function, can engrave at any place as you like.

10.High power frequency changing water cooled spindle, can process hard materials efficiently.

Parameter of 1325 3D Sculpture Stone/Granite Engraving Machine Used for Tombstone:




Stone Engraving Machine 1325

X, Y, Z axis working area


Whole structure

Heavy Welded Steel gantry structure

X, Y, Z structure

Taiwan HIWIN Square linear guide rail

Z structure

ball screw, high precision

Repositioning Accuracy


X Y Z working Accuracy

< 0.02mm


3.0kw  Water-cooling spindle

Driving system

Step motor and driver

Operating system

NCstudio control system  


UcancamV8 / Type3 / Artcam software (option)

Product parts:

cnc router B99AF6A87713374A9DD2DF6BC72E2D44.jpg



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