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Woodworking Engraving Machine Use Matters
Nov 09, 2017

1, set the engraving position, you must X, Y, Z axis workpiece coordinates all classified as "0".

2, adjust the engraving speed and spindle motor speed, in case of carving too fast, too slow speed and broken knife.

3, automatic knife, pay attention to the knife block must be engraved with aluminum table insulation.

4, when engraving, if the first knife is not sure or afraid of error, you can slow down the feed rate, feel the normal speed and then back to normal; also in the empty carving simulation to see if it is normal.

5, if long-term use of woodworking engraving machine, should be regularly refueling weekly, preferably for each week, in order to ensure the transmission system flexibility.

6, woodworking engraving machine requires continuous operation time of 10 hours / day or less; to ensure cooling water and pump normal work, water cooling spindle motor must not be the phenomenon of water shortage, regular replacement of cooling water to prevent the water temperature is too high, circulation Water as much as you can for large-capacity water tank.

7, each time the use of wood engraving machine is completed, pay attention to clean up, you must clean the platform and the transmission system of dust; regular transmission system X, Y, Z three axis lubrication refueling.

8, the operator is best to wear woodworking engraving machine to wear dust masks and protective glasses to prevent dust generated during processing such as invasive human body, causing discomfort.

9, woodworking engraving machine routine maintenance methods Woodworking engraving machine with a certain amount of dust and dust removal equipment, dust removal equipment supporting the use of choice.


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