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Wood Carving Machine Use Precautions
Mar 03, 2017

1. After you set the carved location, x, y, z coordinates the workpiece must be all classified as "0".

2. Adjust the engraving speed and spindle motor speed to prevent carving occurstoo fast, slow speed and breaking.

3. Automatic knife, note on table knife block must be followed by engraving machine aluminum insulated.

4. Engraving, if you take the first cut, or when an error occurs, can slow the feedrate, find sculpture at normal speed back to normal again; you can also simulate carved in an empty drive, is normal.

5. If woodworking engraving machine is not used for a long time, weekly fuel idling on a regular basis, preferably every week, in order to ensure the flexibility of transmission system.

6. For woodworking machine continuous operation time of 10 hours/days following; cleaning of the cooling water and pump to ensure the normal work, no water shortage water-cooled spindle motor can be occur regularly replace the cooling water to prevent excessive water temperature, circulating water as much as possible,change to large-capacity water tank.

7. Each used woodworking machine is completed, pay attention to cleaning, you must clean up the dust on the platform and drive system; transmission systems on aregular basis of x, y, z axis lubrication oil.

8. The operator the best woodworking engraving machine to wear a dust mask and safety glasses to avoid generating in machining dust invades the body, causingdiscomfort.

9. Woodworking machine maintenance method in woodworking machine with a certain amount of dust dust removal device, select the dust removal equipment.

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