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Stone Engraving Machine Operation
Mar 03, 2017

1. The work must wear protection products before, women workers to wear hats or hair nets, no scarf, banned the wearing of high heels. When not wearing gloves,not smoking, not to chat with others, and energies to concentrated. Frolic and playin the workshop is strictly prohibited.

2. Switch on the machine tools ' must be checked before each part of the lubricant,protective devices and other compliance requirements.

3. Selection tools, fixtures. Clamping precision workpieces or thinner, softer workpiece, clamp to fit, hard bite properly, ensure the clamping firm and reliable, not banged, wood or padded hammer to tap available.

4. Operation always observe the workpiece clamping is loose, if loose should immediately stop, in case the injured person. Operation observe the workpiece, position appropriately.

5. The engraving machine to quickly move, should be careful to prevent collisions.

6. If you encounter motor abnormal heat engraving, sound not normal conditionsshould immediately stop engraving machine

7. Operation to civilization, machine tool and work surface don't prevent tools, measuring tools, and artifacts. CNC engraving machine operation, prohibit touching rotating parts, and do not lean on the machine. Not allowed to pass from the moving parts of machine tools over stuff.

8. Compliance with procedures, do not arbitrarily modify the CNC factory set parameters within the system and procedures.

9. When the operation is completed, wipe the machine, clean up the work site, turn off the power.

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