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Stone Engraving Machine Correct Operation Procedures
Mar 03, 2017

1. First determines prior to the engraving machine is powered on machine tools and computers are all connected properly, and then power on the machine and the computer power supply. System startup has been completed, enter the NCStudio system.

2. Open the control system after selecting "mechanical origin" menu. Machine toolwill automatically return to the mechanical zero point, and correct system coordinate system. In some cases, the last after a normal shutdown, reboot and continue tothe last action, users do not have to perform the mechanical reset. NCStudio system in the normal exits, will save the current coordinates. In addition, if the user verify that the correct location, can not do this.

3. Before processing, processing programs that users generally need to be loaded, or function associated with automatic processing is invalid. Select "open (f) | open (O) ..." menu will pop up Windows standard file dialog box, from which you can select the drive, path and file name of the file you want to open is located. Click the "open" button, the program loading system.

4. Locate workpiece point, stone engraving machine x, y directions to manually go to the workpiece where you want the origin, select "point to the current workpieceorigin" menu, or in the coordinates of the window coordinates of the current position value is zero, so that when the program is executed at the current location as the starting point for processing.

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