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Preparation Before Using A CNC Milling Machine
Mar 03, 2017

1.Before operation, you must be familiar with CNC milling machines General characteristics, structure, principle and control procedures, all action buttons, a led functions and operating procedures. Understand the whole operation process, not to carry out operation and adjustment of machine tools.

2.And started machine Qian, to check machine electrical control system whether normal, lubrication system whether smooth, and oil whether good, and by provides requirements added foot lubricants, the operation handles whether right, artifacts, and fixture and the tool whether has clip holding firm, check cooling liquid whether sufficient, then open slow idling 3-5 minutes, check the drive parts whether normal, confirmed no fault Hou, only can normal using.

3.After the program is completed, must be approved by the instructor's consent according to steps, dance steps are not allowed. Without the instructor's permission, unauthorized action or illegal action, scores a zero, causing the accident, according to the provisions related to the disposition and compensation for consequential loss

4.Before the machined parts, must strictly inspect the tool machine the origin, tool data is normal and no cutting path simulation run.

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