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Nov 08, 2017


It's widely used in marble engraving , marble cutting ,wood engraving, wood cutting ,bamboo engraving, bamboo cutting, acrylic engraving, acrylic cutting, plastic engraving, plastic cutting and metals such as copper engraving, cooper cutting and aluminum engraving , aluminum cutting. It can be also used for lettering, embossment,and characters cut in relief, etc.


LD Product Features

1.5.5KW Dustproof and waterproof high-speed spindle,featuring high precision,high speed,low noise
2.Preferred 20 type circular guiderail,which features good wear resistance and high speed
3.The CNC control system developed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University adopts the DSP core chip of American CYGNAL and can realize high performance,high speed and high precision the system as well as function of continuous engraving during power failure and breakpoint  through high-speed curve perspective fuzzy algorithm and meticulous control;
4.Pioneered high speed,constant power motor in China,reducing the probability of cutter breaking to the minimum and significantly increasing the processing speed
5.Compatible with various CAD/CAN software like Type 3/artcarm/proe/Wen Tai,etc.and applicable for production of relief sculptures,images and three-dimensional artworks

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