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Performance Characteristics Of Metal Mold Engraving Machine
Aug 09, 2017


1.Metal Mold Engraving Machine can be paused at any time, increase and decrease the speed, adjust the depth, and can preview the engraving path of the plane and three-dimensional stepless speed regulation to facilitate the carving of different materials for different industries.

2. Convenient cut knife processing, any point engraved, no need to re-layout or return to the origin of re-engraved, easy to operate, easy to grasp.

3.Metal Mold Engraving Machine with power off the carving and timely error code file function, the origin of automatic error correction function.

4. Fuselage bearing high, no deformation, import double nut screw to ensure that the carving speed, with Taiwan's high-precision square linear guide, effectively improve the accuracy of the carving.

5.Metal Mold Engraving Machine uses high-speed water-cooled variable frequency motor, strong distance, strong cutting, high frequency, long life, can work continuously for a long time.

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