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Metal Mold Engraving Machine Performance Characteristics
Mar 08, 2018

It can pause, increase deceleration, adjust the depth at any time, and can preview the plane and stereograph of the engraving path. Stepless speed regulation is convenient for engraving different materials and is suitable for different industries.

Convenient cutting tool processing, any point fill, no need to re-typesetting or return to the original point of re-engraving, easy to operate, easy to grasp, support Wentai, TYPE3, carved and other typesetting software, compatible type3/artcam/JDPaint/proe/UG, etc. Kind of CAD / CAM software.

With power off continued carving and timely error code file function, automatic error correction function.

With a high bearing capacity and no deformation, the imported double nut screw ensures the engraving speed. With Taiwan's high-precision square linear guide, the engraving accuracy is effectively improved.

Body optimized design, using linear guide (cylindrical or square), long service life.

High-speed water-cooled inverter motor, strong pitch, strong cutting, high frequency, long life, continuous work for a long time.


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