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How To Wash The Floor Of Woodworking Engraving Machine?
Oct 08, 2017

First, do the table size rectangular washing bottom path, the depth should not be too deep. The key point is to find the lowest point on the table when the tool is made. Is to manually go a little longer, see where not wash, at the lowest point Z origin. The overlap rate should be high, so that the countertop will be more smooth.


Method one: a table of commonly used PVC board (chevron board) as background, and draw a table size in the software in the distance, and then wash at the end of 2D, usually double color like wash.

For a bit of a twist knife, it will soon wash. The depth of the lower knife should be determined according to the situation. It is better to have a deep bottom than a concave one. After cleaning, just OK.


Method two: use special cleaning bottom knife, knife blade diameter 6mm, width of 25mm, the price of 50 yuan, the end milling chevron board fast, the effect is OK.


LD wood working machine with good effect,Dustproof device.

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