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CO2 Laser Marking Machine Troubleshooting
May 19, 2018

Laser tube voltage indicator

(1) The light is not normal light guide joint fever: common in the loose joint of the light guide and the laser tube is not installed.

Inspection method: same as light correction.

Remedy: Replace or adjust the light guide and correct the light path.

(2) Decrease in laser power: Common in laser tube aging.

Check: Check the regulator with the voltage of the multimeter and check the working voltage of the laser with a high voltage meter. Treatment: Replace aged laser tubes and replace damaged components.

Laser tube is not bright

(1) Voltmeter indications are common with power supply lines. Poor contact with foot switch or manual switch.

Inspection: Measured with a multimeter.

Treatment: repair or replacement.

(2) Voltmeter has no indication

Common fuses are broken, or circuits have open circuits. Check with a multimeter to measure.

Remedy: Replace the fuse, or switch on the circuit.

(3) The power indicator is off

The common fuse is broken, the incoming contact is bad, the indicator line is bad or the indicator is bad.

Check: Check the fuse, check the power inlet, and check the lamp circuit.

Remedy: Replace the fuse, repair the wire and replace the indicator light.

(4) Continuous burning fuses are usually short-circuited in the machine, and there are serious dirt in the machine.

Inspection: Check the lines step by step. There are mostly short circuits in the high voltage section.

Treatment: Repair short circuits and remove dirt.

(5) There is a discharge sound or arc light in the machine. There are dust in the common machine, the accumulated water or the air humidity is too high and corrosive gas. Inspection: Observe the discharge point in a dark place.

Treatment: Remove dust, water, etc. and replace the working environment.

(6) Unstable laser output

Seen in the CO2 laser marking machine has a bad connection, the machine has a slight intermittent short circuit.

Check: Check the lines step by step.

Treatment: Replace the wire, re-weld the wire tip, and clean it.

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