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CNC 1325 Wood Cutting Machine Performance
Apr 14, 2018

1. The whole bed of wood 1325CNC machining center adopts steel structure seamless welding tempering aging treatment, strong rigidity, no deformation.

2.Import Taiwan's linear square rails, double row four ball slider, large bearing capacity, smooth operation, high precision, long life, imported Italian double nut ball screw, high precision, accurate under the knife.

3. Large equipped with an independent cabinet, split keyboard operation, split keyboard operation, simple and convenient, easy to learn, referred to as "fool" allows users to quickly and flexibly use the device, more independent.

4. Equipped with vacuum adsorption and vacuum cleaner devices, the six-zone vacuum adsorption table is uniquely designed for soft materials such as density plates, and can also be placed in different sizes of plates to maintain the flatness of the plate surface, so that the resulting effect map is consistent in depth and depth. The loading and unloading time of the plates other than the processing is improved; the dust collection system can suck away wood chips and crumbs during the processing, and maintain the table cleaning indirectly to maintain the equipment.

5. A new generation of Taiwan's new generation of CNC control system, intelligent processing cross-border protection function, to prevent the mechanical collision caused by the design layout over the processing format.

6. Good software compatibility, compatible with CAD/CAM design software such as type3/Artcam/Castmate/Wentai.

7. Especially suitable for woodworking, wooden doors, furniture, cabinets, molds and other materials in a large number of processing.


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