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About The Stone Engraving Machine Maintenance
Mar 03, 2017

One, continuous running time, 10 hours a day, keep the water clean, and normal water pump work, spindle motor must not be water occurred water shortages regularly replace the cooling water to prevent the water temperature is too high. In winter if the operating temperature is too low the water tank with antifreeze.

Second, each time after use of the machine, pay attention to clean, be sure to clean up the dust on the platforms and transmission systems, regular (weekly), the transmission system (x, y, z axes) lubricating oil. (Note: x, y, z axis light rod oil maintenance; screw part of the butter at high speed in winter if the operating temperatureis too low screw and rod (square rails or circular rail) parts should first be washedclean with gasoline, then add oil, otherwise the machine will drive part of the resistance as a result of displacement of the machine. )

Third, maintenance checks on electrical appliances is, be sure to cut the power, nothing displayed on the monitor and the main circuit power supply led is off, can becarried out.

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