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Plasma cutting machine works
Mar 03, 2017

Plasma is heated to very high temperatures and is highly ionized gases, it will arcpower is transferred to the workpiece, melting and blowing off high heat to makethe work to form a plasma arc cutting work.

Compressed air into the torch by gas chamber with two roads that create the plasma gas and auxiliary gas. Plasma arc to melt the metal, while the auxiliary gas cooled parts of a cutting torch and blow out the molten metal.

Cutting power including the main circuit and control circuit parts, schematic: includes the contactors of the main circuit, high leakage reactance of three-phase powertransformers, three-phase bridge rectifiers, high frequency coil and protect components and other components. A high leakage into a steep power characteristics.Control circuit via the push button switch on the torch to complete the entire cutting process:

Ventilation-the main circuit power supply-high frequency arc-cutting process-making arc-stop.

The main circuit power supply controlled by contactors; pass short of gas by a solenoid valve controlled controlled by a control circuit high frequency oscillator forarc of ignition and ARC high frequency after establishing stops working.

In addition, the internal lock control circuit has the following features: thermal control switch, stop working.

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