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Matters needing attention in using CNC milling machine
Mar 03, 2017

1. When processing parts, you must close the protective door, no head, hand stretch inside a protective door, open the protective door is not allowed in the process;

2. In the process, the operator shall leave the machine, should remain highly concentrated, observe the operation of machine tools. In case of anomaly or incident should immediately terminate the program run, cutting off power and report to the instructor, not for other operations;

3. Slap the Control Panel, touch screen is strictly prohibited. No percussion table, dividing head, clamps and guides;

4. Is strictly prohibited without permission to watch and touch open NC system control cabinet;

5. The operator shall not be arbitrarily changed internal parameters of machine tools. Students shall not invoke, other than compiled programs;

6. On the machine control computer, in addition to program operations and transfers, and prints, does not allow for any other operation;

7. CNC milling machine belongs to the equipment, apart from the table placed onthe tool and the workpiece, and stacking is strictly prohibited any work on the machine, insert, Blade, measuring tools, artifacts, and other debris;

8. Against handing the tip and iron, iron filings have to use iron hooks or a brush to clean up;

9. By hand or in any other manner prohibited contact with rotating spindle, workpiece or other moving parts;

10. The prohibition of processing of measuring workpieces, manual transmission, not to wipe workpieces, or cleaning with a cotton machine;

11. Ban made an attempt to operate;

12. Use the handwheel to move quickly or move the axis position, be sure to see the x, y and z axes of machine tools ",-" signs and moving again. Slow hands round to observe before you move moving the right direction before they can acceleratethe speed of machine tools;

13. Running a program to suspend the measure in dimensions, the machine will have to fully stop, measuring spindle stop only, so as to avoid personal injury;

14. Machine tools for a few days do not use, then NC part and CRT power every other day 2-3 hours.

15. Shutdown, spindle stop for 3 minutes before the shut down.

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