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Engraving machine common faults and solutions
Mar 03, 2017

Engraving machines are common equipment in the production process, inevitablythere will be some failures in the running, the following are solutions of common failures:
Engraving machine engraving the lines wider to do?

1, regulate the current is too large;

2, focus adjustment is appropriate.

Carved carving machine is not at the origin?

1, the size of the file match the machine;

2, check whether there is an offset (OFFSET), layout settings are correct.

Send software does not open properly, carving something abnormal?

1, reinstall the new systems and software;

2, check whether the x, y axis screw and screw loose;

3, engraving tool problem

Engraving machine when you start reset beep always good or bad limit switch?

1, Top top limit switches a club,being its;

2, drive line contact is bad, try to drive line firmly fixed;

3, the limit switch cable not connected, connect the line;

4, limit switches, change can be.

Engraving machine boot reset to the x axis, y axis and z axis position of indefinite?

1, the limit switch is bad (limit switches are always closed), changing;

2, drive line (x 14 pins short circuit with 15-pin, y-13 and 15-pin circuit, z-axis 31-PIN to 15-pin short-circuit), change the drive line or separated short circuit;

3, drive, change the drive plate.

Engraver settings sometimes forward, offset to the right from indeterminate origin?

1, the limit switch failure, the system back to the system in the process of the origin of the limit switch closing bounce off. For limit switch;

2, drive line loose, try to fixed tight to the.

Engraving machine spindle motor during sudden stops or turns slowly

1, voltage instability or a overload of work, plus a regulator;

2, check the middle line is connected and lint removal of welding.

Engraving materials appear clean

1, blunt tool, has some wear and need grinding;

2, software tool settings are in line with the practical use of tools;

3, carve hard materials (such as metal, stone, glass, etc) add lubricant;

4, cutter bar is concentric.

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