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Difference between stone engraving machine
Mar 03, 2017

Difference between wood carving and engraving machine:

On the processing technology of it, in terms of processing speed, stone engravingmachine a little slowly, carving accuracy, slightly higher than the woodworking engraving machine, engraving less. By contrast, woodworking machine in processing speed, faster, but not so high accuracy requirements, carving, carving not only, but also to cut wood.

In the area of mechanical design, engraving machine made different adjustments on the drive, this is due to the work caused by the difference of the two. Rack drive,bigger, faster, meets the requirements of wood engraving precision, such a requirement was not high, nor strict, but speed requires fast enough, the knife depth is adequate. However, because there is a gap between the gears, resulting in slightly lower engraving machine precision, but also meets the requirements of the woodworking and processing.

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