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CNC engraving machine performance introduction
Mar 03, 2017

1. CNC engraver machine body is formed by the thick-walled steel structure. Bed by finite element analysis (FEA) and design provides a rigid and stable processing for machine tool platform and all body parts body before processing has been theElimination of stress.

2. All positioning CNC engraving machine bearings, ball screw, linear guide rail, rack,has a centralized automatic lubrication system of the machine control system to keep running. This is recommended by the manufacturer of ball screw and linear Guide ways.

3. SUBA-CNC CNC woodworking machine main parts are made of top international brands, such as Japan's Yaskawa AC servo drive system, Italy HSD spindle, Italy MC7+4 drill, German imports vacuum.

4. Each of the numerical control woodworking engraving machine comes standardwith a 10-tool-position compatibility tool library, this library consists of new algebraic 9401 or LNC-520H control control system makes engraving machine tool changing fast and reliable.

5. SUBA-CNC CNC woodworking machines-vacuum table for six regions form processing can also process, improve processing efficiency.

6. SUBA-CNC CNC woodworking machines to the pneumatic z-axis balance systemsupport, balance is a closed-loop system, whose role is to operate in the air areminimized.

7. SUBA-CNC CNC woodworking machine with an integrated industrial computer control system of LNC-520H to ensure high speed and high precision machining.

SUBA-CNC CNC woodworking machine application:

Woodworking machines for the diversified complexity products, more suitable forthe production of project: MDF, door, computer desk, furniture and other non-metallic materials and non-ferrous metals: copper, aluminum, engraving

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