CO2 Laser Marking Machine

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Product description

CO2 laser marking machine with best effect

Machine  Description of LD CO2 laser marking machine: 

LD CO2 Laser Marking Machines take CO2 laser tube as the laser source. It is widely used in the field of garment & shoes engraving, fabric cutting, medical packaging, handicrafts & gift, food printing, soft drink printing, cigarette code, beverage packaging tobacco printing, rubber items, leather engraving industries.

CO2 laser marking machine

Machine Features of LD CO2 laser marking machine: 

1. CO2 Laser Marking Machines equipped with the most advanced metal  CO2 laser tube, can be refilled with CO2 gas, no need to change consumables, exempt-maintenance and long life time. 

2. With high-rate of photoelectric conversion and RF metal tube, the laser beam mode is much better than common machine with glass laser tube, and the high accuracy marking effect is what common CO2 laser marker can not achieve. 

3. Fast speed & no touch processing, the heat exchange is little, the material is not easy to distort. 

4. With multifunctional marking software, the machine can be collocated with ital-controlled rotary accessory, automatic fixture, and production line. 

5. Can mark data, series number, bar code and graphics automatically. 

6. User can share & communicate the data with other equipments and online. 

CO2 Laser Marking Machine  CO2 laser tube

Standard Working Area:

110mm×110 mm

Optional Working Area:

70mm×70mm, 175mm×175mm, 300*300mm

Marking Depth:


Marking Speed:


Repeated Accuracy:


Laser Wavelength:


Minimum Line Width:


Power Supply:


Machine Power:




Laser Optical System

240×1280×1200 (mm)

Control Cabinet

590×560×800 (mm)

Water-cooling System

540×700×900 (mm)

LD CO2 laser marking machine CO2 Laser Marking Machine

Our service

1.Technical support online service provided.

2.Technical files service provided.

3.On-site training service provided.

4.Spare parts replacement and repair service provided.

For better service:

Firstly, it is better for you to tell us your budget, your carving demand details as following:

1.What is your materials.(Material special needs)

2.What is your materials' size or dimension.(Material size needs)

3.What do you want to do with machine.(Machine funcation needs)

Secondly, we will make an effort to look for materials same as yours. Then we do a sample and test for you. Pictures and videos taken for your reference after that.You can check it  and tell us where need changed.

Thirdly, our team will supply best professional solutions, then quote you with suitable configurations and resonable price.


Packaging : 1.Outside package:Standard marine export plywood cases

2.Inner package:Stretch film and plastic film for humidity

Shipping: Maritime transport,air transport,land transport and the logistics transport

CO2 Laser Marking Machine

CO2 Laser Marking Machine

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