Quartz Stone ATC Polishing/Cutting CNC Machine

Suitable for cabinets artificial stone, quartz stone countertops and sink, tea tray carving, European style edging, and other stone, ceramics, glass and ceramic stone drilling, sanding, edge down, carving.
Product description

Introduction of  Lingdiao 3015 Quartz Stone ATC CNC Machine:

• Solid surface, countertop, kitchen top, Vanity top in kitchen & washing room, shower trays, sink bowl, drain boards, sloping plans

• Marble, granite, sandstone, brick, glass, ceramic tile and soft metal craftworks

• Gravestone engraving, monument engraving

• Other stone industry

Parameter of  Lingdiao  3015 Quartz Stone ATC CNC Machine:


Product parts:

10副本_副本.jpg DSC_0207_副本.jpg


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