1325 ATC Three Working Procedures Wood CNC Router

1325 ATC Three Working Procedures Wood CNC Router

Major applicationd fields: furniture, furniture decoration, woodworking decoration, musicalinstrument, wooden handicraft etc. Woodwork industry: sewing machine table, machine cabinet panel, sporting equipment, wooden door etc. Mould industry: wooden mould, aviation wooden mould Musice instrument: three-dimensional wood carving in relief, and profile cutting.
Product description

Introduction of Lingdiao 1325 ATC Three Working Procedures Wood CNC Router:

1. Wood industry: Stereo Wave Plate Processing, cabinet doors, solid wood doors, Craft wood door, paint free door, folding screen, craft window, shoe-cleaning machine, game cabinet, mahjong table, computer table, and panel-type furniture’s assistance processing.
2. Advertisement industry: Advertisement label and logo, Acrylic cutting and blister molding, Multi Ad. Material and decoration products processing.
3. Mold industry: Engrave on material like brass, Al, and Iron to make metal mold. And it can engrave on artificial Marble, gravel, plastic board, PVC pipes, wood, and alike Non-metal mold.
4.Other industry:Engrave all kinds of image engraving and relief engraving. It is widely used art & craft industry.

Parameter of  Lingdiao 1325 ATC Three Working Procedures Wood CNC Router:


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